industrial & product

research, idea, concept, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomy, economy, ecology

Graphic & identity

logos and logotypes, corporate identity, packaging, product visualizations, 2D graphics, comics

consulting & support

analysis, rendered visualizations, supervision, creative position

interior & exterior

ergonomy for living and work, intravillan, shows

75 %

Industrial design is a key factor in the success of a product in the marketplace. Quality design can influence the overall impression of a product and thus its marketability.

Studies show that up to 75% of buyers make their purchasing decisions based on the appearance of a product.

30 %

By working with an industrial designer, companies can often increase product sales by up to 30%. This is due to the fact that the designer can create a product that not only looks attractive, but also meets market and customer requirements. In addition, the designer can design a product with improved ergonomics and user experience, which has a positive effect on overall customer satisfaction and thus on product sales.

- / +++

Quality design improves a company's image and strengthens its brand. This has an impact not only on the marketability of current products, but also on future business opportunities.

The use of quality industrial design thus has a significant impact on product marketability and overall company success. Therefore, it pays to invest in this area and work with a professional designer.

Why allways deal with design

1. Quality design increases the attractiveness of the product for customers

2. Improves the visual and functional aspects of the product

3. Makes a significant difference in product sales

4. Increases the value of the product and thus the company's profit 

CAD Design

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Parametric modeling
  • Material assignments
  • 3D Rendering of the final model

Computational Analysis

  • Static structural analysis  – displacements, stresses, strains, forces, buckling, contacts, non-linear models
  • Dynamic analysis  – modal, harmonic, spectral analysis – natural frequencies, resonance, external excitation, rotor dynamics
  • Kinematics – power transmissions, optimization
  • Heat conduction  – both transient and steady-state, flow simulations
  • Topology optimization – volume-based, stress-based


  • 3D Printing of prototypes
  • CNC Machining
  • Surface Coating
  • Precision Milling
  • In-house completion of whole assemblies


  • Programming in C ++ and C #
  • Development of FPGA or CPLD embedded systems
  • Machine learning implementation for evaluation of multidimensional signals
  • Implementation of neural networks, regression and qualification models, OpenCV and image recognition
  • Multivariate analysis, filtering, statistical evaluation
  • Firmware development for STM32Fxxx & MSP430xxx device


  • Design and development of test tables, measurement devices, single-purpose test stands
  • Implementation of fully automated operator-free workstations
  • Integration of sensors and power machines, safety logic
  • Both backend and GUI development based on customer-driven requirements


  • Analytical Reports
  • Risk Analysis
  • Test Reports
  • Installation Instructions
  • User Manual
  • Maintenance Instructions

Why us?

Creativity and innovation

Our passion lies in creativity and innovation. We turn your ideas into design-attractive and functional products. With our team of experienced designers, we bring a fresh and original approach to industrial design to help you stand out in the marketplace.

Industry experience and expertise

With our many years of industry experience and expertise, we are well established in the field of industrial design. Given our broad knowledge and constant monitoring of trends, we will provide you with expert advice and help you overcome design challenges. Together we will achieve results that exceed your expectations.

Cooperation and client-centricity

We emphasize fair cooperation and listen to your needs. We are here for you to create a strong partnership and implement your projects together. Communication is key to us and we will always keep you informed of progress and opportunities. Your satisfaction and long-term business relationships are our priority.

User centric solution

We believe that the best design comes from a deep understanding of users. Our ability to analyze and synthesize with an advanced sense of perception and empathy allows us to create industrial design that meets the needs and ideas of users. With an emphasis on ergonomics, intuitiveness and aesthetics, we focus on making our products and solutions not only stand out, but also enhance the user experience. Together, we achieve a design that is not only visually appealing, but also practical and efficient.