about us

We are a design studio with a complete development team from Computational Analysis to CAD Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Documentation.

our goal

To create everyday products whose use evokes positive emotions

 (=To deliver aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, functionally timeless, solving some problem & environment friendly and sustainable products for better life)


  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Functionality and User Centricity
  • Aesthetics and Visual Quality
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Sustainability and Environmental Balance
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Market Orientation and Competitiveness
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Client-Centricity
  • Employee Development
  • Transparency and Trust


To be a company that anticipates the future and creates timeless designs that define new standards, connects people, cultures and technologies across the globe while driving sustainable industrial design and contributies to a better future for our planet.

Since 2012 we have gained a lot of experience in various fields like machining industry, biomedicine, space, aerospace, advanced technologies, electron microscopy, testing,…). 

After ten years of owning own businesses as individuals (Jakub Novák in industrial design & Tomáš Hikade in further product development) we decided to set a whole new level of quality for industrial design services and other key phases of product development. We have brought together a team of individual expertise and with many years of experience to cover the entire solution process and to improve and enrich each other's sub-phases of individual expertises in the process under one roof.

fresh start in the office in "brno silicon valley"

To be in touch with the best and naturaly evolve, we have chosen to base our presence in the Technology park Brno, also known as "Brno Silicon Valley", where many technology companies, startups, Brno University of Technology (our Alma mater) and academy of science are located. 

how we differ

Our services cover the entire process from the design itself to the finished product.  
  • design activities
  • computational analysis
  • prototyping
  • detailed testing
  • documentation for certification
  • manufacturing
We are able to guide you all the way to achieve a result that exactly matches your needs and expectations.

By combining the two, we are able to provide all the key stages of development at a higher level than as individuals in individual disciplines. Industrial design is thus immediately consulted throughout the design process, both structurally and technologically, resulting in an overall acceleration of the process and an improvement in the quality of the output.

Industrial & product design

Ing. Jakub Novák

before 2022

own business in Industrial design


2022 - present| Hikade technologies | Design activity for technical solutions
2021 - present| Sirius Audio Systems | Design activity for tube audio amplifiers
2020 - present| ModernHut.cz | Design of modular self-sufficient houses
2020 - | BRUKER | Collaboration in design of devices for microbiology and diagnostics
2017 - present| WALMAG | Design solutions for permanent belt magnets
2016 - present| machine building | Co-design of production portfolio
2016 - present| Thermo Fisher Scientific | Continued collaboration on electron microscope design under a different name
2016 - 2017| Po hranici z.s. | Graphic work for Po hranici z.s.
2016 - 2016 | Tescan | Study and design of new electron microscope design
2015 - 2015 | Jablotron | Collaboration on the design of the access keypad for security devices
2014 - 2015 | J.P. Plast | Design solutions for technical and road barriers
2014 - present | Krab Brno | Solution of candle packaging design and unification of company presentation
2014 - present | BioVendor | Design solutions for laboratory medicine products
2014 - present | Hydraulika Petráš | Design solution for grabbers and unification of the presentation of the family company
2013 - present | Lamberga | Design of LED luminaires for public lighting, production halls and interiors
2012 - 2013 | Tescan | Design solution for multimodal holographic microscope ( in cooperation with Ing. David Škaroupka Ph.D., Brno University of Technology)
2012 - present | HAAS+SOHN | Design solutions for the Czech and foreign market (models 2013 and above)
2012 - present | FEI | Electron microscope design solutions for the world leader in electron microscopes

Competitions and awards

2016 / 3 | Finalist in the competition for the design of the Luhačovice Spa Cup
2014 / 7 | First place in the design competition for Citroen C1, Citroen + Auto.cz
2013 / 8 | First place in the competition for the design of a charging station for electric cars, EmotionCar + CzechDesign
2012 / 10 | Third place in Dassault Systèmes Design Challenge 2012
2012 / 2 | Special Jury Prize, Talent of Design 2011
2012 / 2 | Award of WLG INVEST a.s., Talent of Design 2011
2012 / 2 | Award of ROKO-MOTOR s.r.o., Talent of Design 2011
2011 / 12 | Nomination in the category Discovery of the Year 2011, Czech Grand Design Award 2011
2011 / 11 | NCSD Excellence in Student Design Award 2011
2011 / 11 | National Technical Museum Award in NCSD 2011
2011 / 11 | Award of the Director of the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in NCSD 2011
2011 / 9 | Nomination for the NCSD National Student Design Award 2011
2010 / 12 | Selection for the international show of graduate works from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
2010 | 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design in Ljubljana BIO 22
2010 / 6 | Dean's Award for outstanding study results and active participation in scientific research and professional activities at Brno University of Technology

2010 - 2012 | doctoral study programme at the Department of Industrial Design, Institute of Design, Brno University of Technology*
2005 - 2010 | Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Design
2002 - 2005 | Gymnasium, Elgartova, Brno
2001 - 2002 | Moravian Gymnasium s.r.o., Brno
* on own request graduation in the second year of study
1991 - 2001 | supplementary education at ZUŠ Kyjov, art department, under the guidance of Mgr. Dagmar Pucharová